Starbucks Urged To End Partnership With Company Selling Shark Fin Soup

“We applaud Starbucks for its commitment to environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility … However it pains us to highlight one aspect of your company’s operations,” WildAid wrote in a letter to Starbucks founder and executive chairman Howard Schultz and Starbucks president and CEO Kevin Johnson. “Despite our best efforts to convince their management otherwise, […]

Injured Shih Tzu Puppy Abandoned In Shoebox

But the puppy, who was named Albert Eyestein (Albert for short), managed to pull through. After his surgery, Olivarez took Albert home and kept him for a few days, feeding him through a syringe. Then on Monday, Wood’s friend Berni Gutierrez took over Albert’s foster care, and he’ll keep him until Albert goes to a […]