Japan Battles Worst Measles Outbreak in Years

Health officials in Japan are combating the country’s worst measles outbreak in years, with many infections clustered among attendees of a Valentine’s Day gift fair and a religious group that avoids vaccinations. A total of 167 cases were reported in 20 of Japan’s 47 prefectures as of Feb. 10, the National Institute of Infectious Diseases […]

Richard Coles: Mental health hospital ‘saved my life’

Image copyright BBC/Duncan Stingemore Image caption The Reverend Richard Coles was an inpatient at St Andrew’s Healthcare in Northampton in the late 1970s Pop star-turned-vicar the Reverend Richard Coles has credited a mental health hospital for saving his life when he was 17. The former Communards keyboard player said he was an inpatient at St […]

Why Do We Yawn? – The New York Times

Q. Is there a purpose to a yawn? I know it means you’re sleepy, but is the body trying to accomplish something by the act of yawning? A. People yawn when they’re tired, but also when they wake from a night’s sleep. We yawn when we’re bored, but also when we’re anxious, or hungry, or […]

PTSD affects ‘one in 13 by age of 18’

Image copyright Getty Images One in 13 young people in England and Wales experiences post-traumatic stress disorder by the age of 18, the first research of its kind suggests. A study of more than 2,000 18-year-olds found nearly a third had experienced trauma in childhood. And a quarter of these then developed PTSD, which can […]

Sepsis Is a Common Cause of Hospital Deaths

Sepsis, a life-threatening response to infection, is a common cause of deaths in hospitals, according to a new report. The study looked at 568 people who had died in hospitals and whose average age was 70. More than half had sepsis, and it was the immediate cause of death for nearly 200 of them; another […]