Sifting Through The Sports Games Of E3 2018

E3 is always a nice pitstop before the glut of fall games, and with Madden, FIFA, and other heavy-hitters in attendance (NBA 2K9 wasn’t there, like usual), we got a pretty good look at most of the features for this year’s sports titles. Today I’m joined by colleague Matt Bertz to talk about it all. […]

Sony Blocks Omega Labyrinth Z From Western Release

Omega Labyrinth Z, a PlayStation 4/Vita dungeon crawler that has an emphasis on sexuality, has been refused localization by Sony in North America and Europe. The game is being localized and published by PQube, a UK-based publisher that tend to bring similar games to the west. PQube announced today that they’re cancelling the localization due […]

Telltale Reportedly Dropping Old Engine, Heading For Unity

Although The Walking Dead: The Final Season is using Telltale’s traditional engine, Variety reports big changes are rumored to be in store for the studio. Telltale’s iconic decision-making, episodic gameplay has been fueled by the same (although updated) engine since day one. Now, several sources within Telltale, as well as current job listings, hint that […]

Sega Producing Dreamcast And Mega Drive-Themed Candles

Sega is producing scented candles that look like Dreamcast and Mega Drive consoles, and they want fans to tell them what the systems should smell like. The company didn’t say if the fans’ suggestions will actually determine the scent of the final products, but the person who makes Sega’s favorite suggestion will receive both candles for […]