Prey: Mooncrash Review – Prime Cut Paranoia

Arkane Studios’ immersive reboot of Prey was entertaining, even if it lurked a little too long in the shadows of Deus Ex and System Shock for its own good. I loved exploring the mysterious space station Talos 1 and learning how to bypass obstacles by turning into coffee cups or raising former crewmates to fight my […]

How Games Further Explore The Ideas Of Westworld

Warning: Spoilers Ahead for Westworld, Doki Doki Literature Club, and Soma While Westworld doesn’t directly reference any video games, its core conceit is built around game theory. Westworld is the most open of open worlds; a hundred square miles of towns, open wilderness, and countless stories to discover. People pay exorbitant amounts to spend just […]

Pokémon Go Reaches Highest Active Player Count Since 2016 Peak

Pokémon Go reached its highest player count since its 2016 peak, according to a study from SuperData. According to the study, the game generated $104 million in May, up 174% year-over-year. SuperData attributes the rise in players to Pokémon Go’s “walkabout” gameplay, which is naturally more suited for warm weather. Pokémon Go recently received the long-awaited trading […]

BioWare Wants To Make Small, Experimental Games

Our latest cover story is about Anthem, and that game is currently BioWare’s primary focus. However, the studio is also considering projects beyond Anthem’s release. While visiting the studio in Edmonton, we spoke with BioWare’s general manager Casey Hudson and executive producer Mark Darrah about the team’s desire to release smaller, more experimental games that are “true to […]