Netflix Cancels ‘The Punisher’ and ‘Jessica Jones’

It was only a matter of time. Today, Netflix confirmed its cancellation of Marvel’s The Punisher and Marvel’s Jessica Jones, according to Deadline, signaling the end of Marvel’s years-long partnership with the streaming service that gave us gems like Daredevil and The Defenders.  “Marvel’s The Punisher will not return for a third season on Netflix,” said a Netflix spokesperson. “Showrunner Steve Lightfoot, […]

The Universe Of The Outer Worlds

One of the most exciting aspects of The Outer Worlds is the opportunity to see the role-playing experts at Obsidian try their hand at a brand-new setting. While the gameplay of this new franchise draws comparisons to other first-person RPGs, the universe that players explore is entirely new. Set in a distant corner of the […]

Tetris 99 Review – Winner Winner, Tetris Dinner

When the battle royale genre began its rapid climb of popularity and it was clear others would be adopting the format into their own games, the idea of Tetris battle royale became an absurd joke meant to undercut the industry’s eagerness to embrace popular trends. Tweets and Photoshops imagining what a Tetris battle royale would […]

Start Anthem’s Tomb Trials As Soon As Possible

Most players are still waiting to get their hands on the final version of Anthem, even as some PC players have been able to dive in and explore the full game through their Origins Premier membership. If you’re one of those players, it’s possible that you’ve already run into a particularly tedious stop sign on […]

The UFC 4 Career Wishlist

This week my colleague Brian Shea weighs in on what he thinks the UFC franchise should do to build upon the foundation of its career mode. Developer EA Vancouver hasn’t officially announced the series’ next installment, so there should be plenty of time for it to listen to Shea’s excellent suggestions. ————————————————————— The UFC 4 […]

Black Ops 4’s New Season Begins Tomorrow

Activision announced that tomorrow, February 19, kicks off a new season of content for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, called Operation Grand Heist, which brings with it a whole host of new goodies for the game. Starting tomorrow, season pass holders have access to two new multiplayer maps and the option to play as a monkey in […]

New Characters Coming To Apex Legends Leaked

Apex Legends has had a charmed release, but already players want more – and based on the digging of some dataminers, new characters are not far away. We know that the battlepass is scheduled to hit next month, and these new legends could be part of a larger rollout. There’s a longer list of names and other fare […]

New Gameplay Today – Yoshi’s Crafted World

Nintendo’s dino pal is back, though let’s be honest here – he’s never really gone away. This time around, he’s romping through more cuddly, handcrafted worlds. How is Yoshi’s Crafted World? Game Informer’s Imran Khan got to play some of the single-player and co-op, and also checked out the same level, both front and back. […]