Gris Is The Best Modern Game About Overcoming Trauma

The vast majority of stories are about restoration. Yearning to restore or replace what has been lost is a very human thing, after all. The desire for restoration is a theme that echoes throughout art maybe more than any other. You find the theme all over the place in games, from sophisticated titles aping popular cinema (like The Last Of Us with […]

Our Most Anticipated Shooters Of 2019

As we blast ahead in 2019, shooter fans face a murder’s row of promising games within the first few months. With games from the Metro, Far Cry, Division, and Rage franchises dropping before summer, those mousepads and analog sticks are about to get a serious workout.  Looking beyond these early months, the heavy hitters become […]

New Dragon Ball Z Action/RPG Title Coming

Bandai Namco has announced that it will begin work on a new Dragon Ball Z action/RPG game in 2019. No further details have been given, but the year is young. The company also teased Dragon Ball FighterZ news with the announcement that a fighter from Universe 11 is coming to the game (Jiren or Toppa, […]

One Last Look At Metro Exodus Before Launch

With the February 15 release date fast approaching, Metro Exodus has already gone gold and developer 4A Games is in the fine-tuning stage of development. Deep Silver recently swung past GI headquarters to give us one last look at the game before we begin our final evaluations.  This latest build brings us to a dusty desert […]