Sega Producing Dreamcast And Mega Drive-Themed Candles

Sega is producing scented candles that look like Dreamcast and Mega Drive consoles, and they want fans to tell them what the systems should smell like. The company didn’t say if the fans’ suggestions will actually determine the scent of the final products, but the person who makes Sega’s favorite suggestion will receive both candles for […]

Unravel Two Review – Weaving New Adventures

The original Unravel delivered exciting platforming sequences, creative-but-repetitive puzzles, and a touching story exploring an elderly woman’s memories. Unravel Two doesn’t stray far from those core concepts, but by introducing a second Yarny to control either solo or cooperatively, it injects new ways to approach situations and expands the formula to create a better experience. […]

Summer Games Done Quick Starts This Sunday

Summer Games Done Quick, an annual charity event that raises money by soliciting donations while speed running through games, starts this Sunday. The event is the Summer instance of the bi-annual Games Done Quick banner, with each event usually having different charities to support. SGDQ this year is raising money for Doctors Without Borders, one […]