Oculus Rift S Hands-On Impressions

This week, Oculus announced it would be phasing out the current Rift hardware for a new Rift S headset that features a significant number of benefits, including built-in audio, better room tracking, and the ability to see the room in front of you without removing the headset. The Rift S looks a lot like the original […]

Oculus Quest Is A Dream For Beat Saber Fans

This week, Oculus detailed the release date and price for its updated VR headset tech, the Rift S. You can Read our impressions here. However, Oculus’s other headset – the Oculus Quest – solves one problem the Rift doesn’t: you no longer have to worry about tangling yourself up in cords. The Quest was announced last […]

Hands-On With Double Fine’s Newest Action Game, Rad

As a developer, Double Fine may have one of the most consistently diverse portfolios in gaming. The studio has virtual reality games, graphic adventures, real-time strategy titles, 3D platformers, RPGs, and more. Double Fine constantly changes genres to work on new things and give their own spin on existing ideas. If only by the theory […]

Google’s Stadia Will Support The Microsoft Xbox Adaptive Controller

Yesterday, Google revealed its foray into the world of video games with the streaming service Stadia. Shortly after the presentation, Microsoft announced that the service would support Microsoft’s Xbox Adaptive Controller (XAC), a peripheral initially designed for Xbox One to accommodate those with various disabilities. Bryce Johnson, Inclusive Lead at Microsoft, confirmed the announcement on Twitter: The […]