Greek Roasted Veggie Couscous Bowls

I’m starting to get on the “bowl” bandwagon! I’ve made a few here and there in the past (my 100 Days of Real Food: On a Budget cookbook has both “Burrito Bowls” and “Deconstructed Spring Roll Bowls” in the school lunch section), but lately, as I’ve been trying to think of new tasty, HEARTY, vegetarian […]

Pani puri sorbet, frozen pani sorbet

Pani puri sorbet is an absolute treat in summer, a different take on sorbet, pani puri pani. Inspired form restaurant menu, this is a delicious savory sorbet that all pani puri lovers would love to try. I saw this idea of pani puri sorbet couple of years back in my Instagram feed. From then, wanted […]

Spring onion kootu recipe, vengaya thal kootu

Spring onion, vengaya thal can be made delicious kootu, the procedure also very simple. Learn how to make kootu with spring onion/ vengaya thal with step by step pictures, full video.I came to know about spring onion only after marriage, once my mami made kootu out of it. I did not like it that much, […]

Cucumber dosa recipe, South Indian breakfast

Cucumber dosa is made with rice and cucumber as main ingredients. Learn how to make this easy breakfast with step by step pictures and full video.I have tried similar rice based dosas earlier. I liked cucumber dosa the best. I got this recipe from my follower friend Shruti Bhat. AS I read the recipe in […]

Crispy Quinoa Cakes with Pesto Recipe

Clearly, I’m on some sort of “cake” bandwagon at the moment. And not the birthday cake kind, although that’s always yummy too!  I recently shared a Zucchini & Sweet Potato Pancake recipe (and as I look back, I even see that I photographed them on the very same dish—oops), and now today I’ve got a […]

Corn pakoda recipe, sweet corn pakoda

Corn pakoda recipe, perfect snack for tea, coffee time. Sweet corn pakoda recipe with full video, step by step pictures. Mint, fennel seeds and fresh ginger garlic paste makes it so flavourful that the whole house will be filled with the pakoda flavour lingering around.Harini Kumarasamy, a reader friend sent me this wonderful recipe last time […]