MEAL PLAN WEEK 36 – Cafe Delites

MEAL PLAN WEEK 36 is here! A recipe for everyone! Creamy Tuscan Chicken, slow cooker Pulled Pork, Butternut Squash soup, Meatloaf with creamy mash, Teriyaki chicken thighs, PLUS Roast Turkey and Gravy for your Thanksgiving night! Throw in New York Times BEST RED VELVET CAKE for dessert! 7 nights of dinners! REMEMBER: TO SEE A […]

How To Cook Kale – Easy Sauteed Kale Recipe

While it may feel like kale has overstayed its welcome in the food scene, the hype over the leafy green is very much still alive. Whether that thrills you or makes you groan, knowing the right way to cook it is a total game-changer. Mastering this method will convert kale-haters, yes, but it will also […]

Healthy Thanksgiving Recipes | Kitchn

As much as I could easily pile my Thanksgiving plate with creamy mashed potatoes and rich, sausage-studded stuffing and be more than content with my selection, I do find it nice to squeeze one or two more side dishes on there that are a bit lighter. Something green or not so heavy is a nice […]

The Best Meat Thermometers, According to a Pro

Dry turkey, bloody roast beef, cold-in-the middle lasagna … it happens. But it doesn’t have to! Use a thermometer and cook your meatloaf or your lamb chops or your salmon to the perfect degree of doneness. Never again serve pork chops that are so overdone they have to be doused with gravy. Find out just […]

Cinnamon Apple Crumble – Cafe Delites

Easy Cinnamon Apple Crumble (Apple Crisp) is foolproof! Apple pie filling in a delicious syrup with a hint of brown sugar bakes underneath a buttery oatmeal cookie topping. Apple Crumble is a dessert you wouldn’t care if you ate for every meal of every day! Full of soft cinnamon spiced apples, brown sugar, and buttery […]

You Can Now Make Cocktails with a Keurig Machine

Keurig, the national machine for office buildings who can’t be bothered to buy filters in a timely fashion, has decided to diversify into the cocktail robotics market with the Drinkworks Home Bar. The machine includes a carbonation canister and has pods for cocktails like margaritas, Cosmopolitans, and a few other classic drinks (15 in total). […]

Creamy Italian Quinoa Soup – Platings and Pairings

Kitchn’s Delicious Links column highlights recipes we’re excited about from the bloggers we love. Follow along every weekday as we post our favorites. It’s amazing how abruptly fall can shift from a fun season for picking apples and drinking hard cider to that time of year when literally everyone is coughing or sniffling. Suddenly you […]

Charred Broccoli with Honey Mustard

I’m so excited to share my new favorite way to make broccoli! I am not usually a big veggie person, so eating them can sometimes feel like a chore. But not when they taste this good…my kids were literally fighting over the last couple of bites of these! Inspired by a dinner I recently had in […]