What Not to Wear to a Summer Wedding

f you’re dreading purchasing another dress to wear to your eighth wedding this summer, we get you—wedding season is a lot to handle. There’s no shame in re-wearing outfits from one event to another, and you can pretty much wear any dress of your choosing so long that it is appropriate for a wedding. That last part is important, as there […]

Hair Dry-Speeding Sprays : No More Blow

The No More Blow Spray Cuts Down on Drying Time No More Blow is a new product being offered by the hairstyling brand IGK, and it was designed to enhance the health of hair, and reduce the time spent styling it. The spray is to be applied to wet or damp hair post-shower, and should […]

Cartoon-Referencing Fashion Runways : the Simpsons Tee

OFF-WHITE’s Spring/Summer 2019 Line Boasts The Simpsons Tees The highly anticipated Spring/Summer 2019 collection by OFF-WHITE delivered a daring deconstructed and casual aesthetic with revised workwear apparel and themed The Simpsons tees. The fashion runway was riddled with oversized silhouettes that suggested comfort and versatility. Most of the ensembles were accentuated with some type of […]

Adorable Animal Lip Balms : Lippy Pals

Lip Smacker’s Lippy Pals Come in Five Cute Designs and Flavors Further expanding its collection of uniquely designed lip balms, Lip Smackers introduced its Lippy Pals line, which consists of five different animal-shaped products that provide users with long-lasting hydration and comfort. The five animals in the collection are a panda, unicorn, fox, bunny and […]

Kate Spade’s Dad Dies a Day Before Her Funeral

Two weeks after Kate Spade passed away by suicide, her dad, Earl F. Brosnahan Jr., has died. Brosnahan was 89 years old, and his family confirmed to E! News in a statement that he died on Wednesday, the night before his daughter’s funeral. “We are deeply saddened to announce that Katy’s father, Earl F. Brosnahan, Jr. […]

Top 30 Hair Products in April 2018

From Food-Inspired Shampoos to Scent-Emitting Hairdryers These April 2018 hair trends incorporate a number of treatments, supplements, shower products, and pop-ups that are focused on nourishing all different types of hair, making for stronger, longer, and more healthy-looking locks. After seeing much success in its home market, the Hair Food brand expanded to Canadian stores, […]

55 Timeless Fashion Collections

From Australian Handmade Clothing to Seasonless Fashion Designs Luxury brands, independent businesses and artisan makers always seem to strive for a style that is sophisticated, refined and elevated, which ultimately creates an array of timeless fashion collections. Available at the consumer’s disposal, these capsules usually build on an elegant silhouette that is secured as a […]

Cosmetic Microtreatment Bars : Alchemy 43

Alchemy 43 is a Chain Specializing in Anti-Aging Injections Alchemy 43 in Los Angeles boasts the same kind of bright and cheery decor that one might find in a spa or beauty salon, but the space sets itself apart by offering cosmetic facial and skin care treatments by certified aesthetic professionals. The disruptive beauty business […]

Artful Chunky Footwear Editorials : chunky footwear

BLENDS Creatively Calls Attention to PUMA’s Chunky Shoes Retailer BLENDS is zeroing in on PUMA’s contribution to the chunky footwear movement with an editorial. Highlighting the new colorways of the brand’s new color palettes for the Thunder Electric silhouette, the photoshoot is an artistic exploration into aesthetic. The BLENDS editorial has a decisively dynamic essence […]