Goldman May Be Out For Now, But Wall Street Still Wants Crypto

As the crypto market continues establishes new year-to-date lows, some claim that the arrival of institutional investors is the only catalyst that will be able to push prices in a positive direction. And although the climate around institutional interest suffered a slight setback on Wednesday, optimists believe that Wall Street isn’t over Bitcoin just yet. Goldman […]

Waltonchian Partners with Dongdaemun Fashion Town to Initiate its First Implementation of Blockchain + RFID Solution in South Korea : CryptoCurrency

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No Go on a Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Goldman Sachs (NYSE:GS) has finally clarified that a cryptocurrency trading desk is not in its plans for the foreseeable future. Some investors must feel downtrodden about this news. Let’s find out what’s going on. Cryptocurrency Trading Desk? The Goldman Sachs Rumor Mill The rumor mill has been churning for some months now; it was believed […]

Just Do It. : CryptoCurrency

I am not sure I catch your drift. So you say you should have coin not because the price is (supposedly) going up, but to show dedication. That would be weird to me as a trader. I care for increasing my net value, crypto is the vehicle. After all it’s a technology, it doesn’t give […]

TransferGo Ripple Technology Integration | Speeding Things Up

More and more people, companies, and firms are starting to explore Ripple technology. DCEX uses Ripple tech, and now payments provider TransferGo has started too. Well, that’s according to a September 5th press release documenting the TransferGo Ripple technology integration, that is. TransferGo Ripple Technology Integration: A Smart Move? On Wednesday, TransferGo announced that it […]

Still Bitcoin Cash is a Better Investment

Yesterday’s BTC mini crash is surely a blow to altcoins. In a 24 hour span, BCH recorded a 16 percent lose breaking below $600, crashing stops and confirming the bear break out pattern set by Aug 8 bears. That’s aside from signaling the completion of a retest phase and a probable ignition of the trend […]