Vitalik Buterin and Vlad Zamfir — The Ethereum Roadmap and Solving the Blockchain Scalability Problem [Hidden Forces Podcast Ep 49] : CryptoCurrency

Ethereum (ETH) Basic Info: Website – r/Ethereum – Abstract – History – Exchanges – Wallets Biases: Arguments For & Arguments Against | CryptoWikis: Policy – Contribute Content Everyone is invited to submit arguments in the current Pro & Con Contest. This month’s contest is about smart contracts and specifically focuses on Ethereum, EOS, Cardano, and […]

Tom Lee vs. Justin Sun

Day 11 of the Crypto World Cup has come to completion but who ended the day on top? Sunday’s matches included: Tom Lee vs. Justin Sun Andreas Antonopoulos vs. Jack Dorsey Don Tapscott vs. Warren Buffett In matchday one, Andreas Antonopoulos defeated Warren Buffet 2-1. Jack Dorsey defeated Don Tapscott 2-1 and CryptoYoda defeated Erik […]

Bitcoin (BTC) Technical Analysis

At long last, Mt Gox account holders affected by the hack would receive their coins after Mt Gox was given a go-ahead to proceed with their Civil Rehabilitation Process. This is a reprieve not only to those seeking compensation but to Bitcoin prices because Koyabashi won’t be liquidating more coins in the days to come. […]

FSA Flags 6 Native Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Japan has also been a crypto-forward and friendly country, but it seems Japan’s top financial regulator is putting its foot down on cryptocurrency exchanges. Just this morning, the Financial Services Agency (FSA) issued six new business improvements to the list of 16 cryptocurrency exchanges it previously approved. The list of Japenese crypto exchanges receiving administrative punishment […]