Mental health: Firms ask PM to deliver on pledge

Image copyright iStock Some of Britain’s biggest employers are pressing the government to honour a promise to give mental health the same status as physical health at work. Royal Mail and WH Smith are among the companies asking the PM to follow through on her manifesto pledge to update health and safety legislation. That would […]

Meditative Neck Oils : neck oil

Osea’s ‘Vagus Nerve Oil’ Supports the Body’s Longest Cranial Nerve There are plenty of neck oil products on the market that are expressly created for cosmetic purposes—such as providing “lifting” or “firming” effects—but Osea’s newest product stands apart from the rest as an oil blend for a unique purpose. As its name suggests, the ‘Vagus […]

Cliff Bleszinski Says He’s Done Making Video Games

After the shuttering of Lawbreakers developer Boss Key Productions earlier this year, studio head Cliff Bleszinski mentioned that, rather than jump into another project, he’d be spending time with his family and reflecting on whatever may come next. As it turns out, it likely won’t be a video game. Replying to a fan who was upset about […]

MEAL PLAN WEEK 36 – Cafe Delites

MEAL PLAN WEEK 36 is here! A recipe for everyone! Creamy Tuscan Chicken, slow cooker Pulled Pork, Butternut Squash soup, Meatloaf with creamy mash, Teriyaki chicken thighs, PLUS Roast Turkey and Gravy for your Thanksgiving night! Throw in New York Times BEST RED VELVET CAKE for dessert! 7 nights of dinners! REMEMBER: TO SEE A […]

CNBC Host Recommend Buying Ripple

Latest Ripple News Like in any war, victims are usually the vulnerable. In the crypto space, the hash war between different factions within Bitcoin cash network saw ordinary investors’ record massive losses in several hours of madness. Surprisingly, in the midst of double digit losses in Bitcoin and most altcoins, XRP registered minor losses, rapidly […]