Vitalik Buterin Has Just spoken In Favour Of Delisting Bitcoin SV : CryptoCurrency

He has said he pays no taxes.

He’s in real estate. He’s smart business man and investor. So he and I don’t pay taxes. But someone like you does cause you’re an employee that doesn’t employee people or build housing for people like you. You dig your own hole and cry for socialism.

“At best, he’s a grumpy old senile business man who happens to keep surrounding himself with objectively terrible people.” Im sorry how old are you…? Slander much?

“He has said he respects the dictators people associate him with.” Your Canadian. Find out the connection between Trudeau, your Prime Minister, his mother and Castro if you want to talk about dictators.

“The only people who think Trump isn’t bad are Trumps supporters. Most centers and right still disapprove of the man, at this point it’s only far-right that like him.” It’s the left wingers who are de-threading this nation one stitch at a time starting with the soft coup under Obama and Killery Clinton with the “muh Russian” narrative spun by Counterfeit News Network which has been proven false, Jessie Smullet: Fake and false with muh victimhood, the smear campaign by the Dimocrats to reck Cavahaugh for political gain… Time and time again we see the viciousness and outright lies proven by Supreme Court Justices (Cavanaugh), Chicago Police Department (Jussie Smullet), and now the US Justice Department (muh Russian hackers and elections) within one of the most twisted parties (Democrats) the US has every experienced in its over 200 year history, bub. Look at the facts as to what has happen in the past 3 months alone. Open your eyes and read through this again. I’ve got facts; you have name calling.

The youth never get it and that’s exactly how big media wants it guys, so wake up. I know, I was in your shoes in my 20’s too. Clueless with a lot of energy.

  1. I don’t know if your in your teens and have no perspective…

  2. Feebleminded and can connect the dots, or…

  3. Out of touch because the US is not the country you live in but think you have an accurate opinion on work affairs… But it really doesn’t matter because you’re wrong on all three of the above.

You seem to have no idea what is going on in the world if you don’t know the difference between the Globalist New World Order Agenda and populism. It’s going to take a good decade to shake of the globalist claw that is wrapped around most every nation state including Canada.

Time and time again the Democrats have failed and failed again with nothing but their butt hurt feelings to lean on. This is what liberals do. Their party is a disgrace and a joke in the eye’s of the world. And let me tell you something my Canuk friend, it’s going to get worse for the Dims so get some pop corn, listen and learn about what going to happen. The show’s just getting started.

On a final note I would vote against Trump in a heart beat if he were to become anti-crypto but he has two or three insiders that are super pro crypto so as far as we can tell, he’s going to help make crypto great again… We (US) have bi partisan bills being voted on as we speak to de-fang and tame the SEC and get the industry into high gear.

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