Haven’t been able to keep up with the Craig Wight/Calvin Ayre/BitcoinSV drama? Here’s a quick overview of what’s gone down. #CraigIsNotSatoshi : CryptoCurrency

Pretty sure he is part of a coordinated effort by the fiat elite in order to damage progress of crypto.

Exhibit A: the totally fake interview by BBC that asked soft questions and spent half the time talking about lawsuits, taxes, selling crypto for fiat, etc. (essentially 90% of the discussion was making crypto seem like a problematic investment rather than discussing the 1000s of problems that crypto solves) And not once actually showing the proof that he is satoshi. If they were concerned at all about giving airtime to a fraudulent claim, they would have him move just a single fraction of a bitcoin from the 1 million that satoshi mined and is still sitting dormant.

The reason this is a bit unsettling is that it’s so easily disprovable, but a big network like BBC gives him an interview and even talks him up in it. This makes me feel it is a coordinated opposition towards crypto, and Craig Wright is just an (terrible) actor in the grand conspiracy to try to keep the broken fiat power system at large.

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