Bitcoin Has 50 Percent Chance of Success and Could be Worth Over $1 Million : CryptoCurrency

I do know.

drop from 20k to 5k – 40% ppl sell their btc.(-)

Market cap drop from 600,000,000,000 to

to u know how bad is that for crypto ?

News like this give hope to ppl, and makes them buy,invest or trade.Like everything else.every comercial or ad there.

BTC will rise again to 20k in next 2y for sure,and drop…By the time BTC become stable,they will have some control over it.As they said, Btc will not be taken seriosly untill the value stop be so unpredictable . Crypto is money of the future for sure,but u have to be aware,that they want to control everything.They aware how crypto is powerful.

The same thing he was saying a Year ago.

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