Artist-Themed Footwear Concepts : Andy Warhol Sneakers

REENO Studios’ Andy Warhol Sneakers Take on the Nike Air Force 1

REENO Studios debuts a slick and stylish concept for a pair of Andy Warhol sneakers. The imaginative model hints at some of the pop artist’s most noteworthy creations. The hypothetical shoe option takes on the silhouette of the well-loved Nike Air Force 1.

REENO Studios proposes an upper for the Andy Warhol sneakers that repeatedly references the artist’s ‘Campbell’s Soup Cans.’ In addition, Nike’s famous ‘Swoosh’ has been skillfully replaced with the banana that Warhol designed for The Velvet Underground’s 1967 debut album, adding a playfully cheeky twist.

The Nike Air Force 1 is completed with the appropriate branding shout-outs, a smooth pink lining, as well as the artist’s signature on the sole of the shoe. Given its merits, REENO Studios might get quite a bit of recognition for their pop art-inspired footwear silhouette.

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