AGI Singularity Net just starting offically collaborating with the 3rd biggest financial/tech company in the WORLD making it the biggest crypto hook up so far and its barely mentioned here. This Sub needs to pull its head out of its iota/nano ass or it will lose its relevance. Friendly warning. : CryptoCurrency

URL of their beta platform:

There are free services available on the Ropsten Testnet (Testversion of the marketplace) as well as the marketplace on the main Ethereum network – just switch between networks with e.g. Metamask.

More info about the SingularityNET platform:

Developer portal:

This SDK enables you to interact with the services registered on SingularityNet:

This CLI enables you to add your own services to SingularityNET:

In chapter two of the Whitepaper 2.0 there is an explanation to how everything is tied together:

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