Someone just paid 2100 ETH for transaction fees. : CryptoCurrency

That’s funny you bring up resources. Lets clarify resources. We’re talking about… hmm.. 1/10th of 1 second of processing for each transaction you make. It’s important to clarify because if people are used to thinking about resources in context of bitcoin mining, they start picturing a computer being tied up for 48 hours straight for no reward. So when you say it costs resources, it’s pretty damn misleading. It’s like saying imgur isn’t free to use because your phone uses a little bit of battery power while loading the page. Imgur is free to use, you didn’t have to open your wallet to use it, and Nano is free to transmit around from wallet to wallet because you never got charged a single cent to do so (same goes for Iota, which is even closer to ETH in functionality, except it never has transaction fees). The OP’s transaction in nano or Iota would have cost $0, unlike ETH which charged over $300,000 for the transaction. $300,000 vs $0… hmm, this is a tough decision, because after all.. it does require 1/10th of a second of processing…. hmm… tough decision to make.. Hmm do I have time to burn 1/10th of a second, or should I just pay up $300,000 to use another token….

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