Reusable Facial Cleansers : facial rounds

Lush’s ‘7 To 3’ Facial Rounds are Biodegradable and Package-Free

Lush Cosmetics is now known for producing much more than just package-free bath products, as it has significantly expanded its waste-reducing offerings into other personal care and beauty categories—and the newest addition to its ever-growing innovative range is an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful single-use, non-biodegradable facial rounds.

‘7 To 3’ takes the form of a reusable circular cleanser and makeup remover that is self-preserving, package-free and made from dove orchid, balancing ylang ylang, ground cannelloni beans and vegan glycerine. The combined cleanser-and-makeup-remover product should provide between three to five uses and only needs to be rinsed under water to be activated before it can be gently passed across a face that’s been splashed with water. After use, Lush Cosmetics says that the reusable facial rounds may simply be added to the compost to allow them to naturally biodegrade.

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