Calls for change in law on PTSD related deaths

Family and friends of a former soldier who took his own life while suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) say more support is needed. They’re calling for a change in the law that would mean veterans deaths were better recorded when it was related to the time they had served. Danny Johnston went missing […]

12 Changes We Want For Apex Legends

Titanfall spin-off Apex Legends has been out for a little over a week and we’re enamored with the novelties and twists it brings to battle royale as well as Respawn’s superb combat. Our admiration doesn’t mean it’s a perfect game, though. From maps to our undying hopes for titans to make an appearance, here are some changes we’d […]

US shutdown: Parties in fresh talks as next deadline looms

Media playback is unsupported on your device Media captionNick Kwek toured the border dividing the US state of Arizona and Mexico’s Sonora Democratic and Republican negotiators are meeting on Monday to try to reach a deal on border security and avoid another government shutdown. They remain divided on the detention of undocumented immigrants and on […]

Horse-Drawn Carriage Crashes, 7 People Hospitalized

This is exactly the type of incident that PETA works to prevent. Seven people in Savannah, Georgia, were transported to the hospital after the driver of a horse-drawn carriage lost control, resulting in a crash. When will we finally ban these archaic hazards? A horse pulling a carriage on the streets of Savannah, GA, panicked […]

Two-in-One Cheek Cosmetics : blush and highlighter

Revlon’s Instant Cheek Maker Applies Blush and Highlighter with a Swipe With is sculpted form, Revlon’s Photoready Instant Cheek Maker helps to apply blush and highlighter with a single swipe. Thanks to the unique shape of the on-the-go makeup packaging, no brushes, sponges or other applicators are needed to apply either cosmetic product, although the […]