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HiMirror’s ‘HiSkin’ Amplifies the Power of Its Smart Mirrors

HiMirror, which makes a range of smart beauty mirrors, is now amplifying the power of its core product range with an all-new handheld skincare device by the name of ‘HiSkin.’

HiSkin takes the form of a smooth gadget that can be touched to the face to provide a deep analysis of what’s going on beneath the surface of the skin. By laying the device on the forehead, upper cheeks, chin and other areas, consumers are able to get a reading on their hydration and melanin levels, as well as a better understanding of their dark circles and any acne scars.

The new skincare accessory makes the most of electronic and bio-medical engineering, as well as the features of the HiMirror and the HiSkin app to build a highly customized self-care routine.

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