Hyper Futuristic Shoe Updates : the new Birkenstocks

Rick Owens Adds a Design-Forward Vibe to the New Birkenstocks People keeping an eye out for the new Birkenstocks will be quite surprised by the company’s boldly futuristic transition. In collaboration with celebrated designer Rick Owens, the latest ‘Arizona’ and ‘Rotterdam’ sandal styles will, without a doubt, turn heads. The silhouette undertakes a strong utilitarian […]

Jayme Closs: What we know so far

Image copyright Barron County Sheriff’s Department Image caption Jayme Closs, 13, has been described as a “sweet girl” by school officials After 87 days, 13-year-old Jayme Closs has been found alive in rural Wisconsin. The teenager disappeared on the day her parents were found murdered at their house in the town of Barron. Months later, […]

The Dairy Industry: Part of a Real-Life Conspiracy

How on Earth did our society end up thinking that another species’ breastmilk, filled with saturated fat and cholesterol, was somehow vital to human health? Seriously, some 60 percent of humans can’t even digest cow’s milk. And studies have found that people who consume large amounts of dairy “products” have a higher risk of fracturing […]

Global fight against killer diseases seeks £11bn

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Malaria cases are rising, after years of steady declines A key fund which finances the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria is seeking fresh investment worth £11bn. The French President Emmanuel Macron is launching the latest round to replenish the Global Fund in Paris. It is being called “a […]

BTC Losses Coincide with China’s New Policies

Bitcoin Price slow down after sinking 10 percent China introduces new privacy quashing blockchain rules Trading volumes steady but bearish Even though today’s losses are low, there is hope for traders as long as Bitcoin prices are oscillating above $3,700. Drops below this minor support line could trigger sells towards $3,220 or lower in the […]

Collaborative Refined Sportswear Collections : Fila fjord

Astrid Andersen and FILA Debut the FILA Fjord Line The new chic FILA Fjord line is presented at Pitti Uomo. The stunning and modern Fall/Winter 2019 collection seems to be a refined aestheticization of the sportswear company’s silhouettes. Completed in collaboration with Astrid Andersen, the offerings feature “references to FILA’s […] heritage” and “contemporary designer […]

Blizzard Puts Stan Lee Tribute Into World Of Warcraft

Last November, former editor-in-chief, publisher, and chairman of Marvel comics, Stan Lee, passed away at the age of 95. But he will likely be remember for longer than he lived. Case in point, Blizzard recently released a patch for World of Warcraft that includes a cute tribute to the late creator. Excelsior! @TerranGregory @TaliesinEvitel pic.twitter.com/9jplxvgEff […]