Stylishly Updated Performance Shoes : ASICS design

Harmony Paris Puts a Stylish & Updated Spin on ASICS Designs

Contemporary fashion label Harmony Paris puts a stylish spin on ASICS designs. The GEL-Venture capsule offers a number of new colorways and textures to the footwear label’s iconic silhouettes. The project is overseen by Harmony Paris’ creative director — David Obadia.

The collaboration produces two ASICS designs that fuse aesthetics with functionality. For one, the footwear is adorned with a “minimalist and monochrome aesthetic” — Harmony Paris’ preferred approach to fashion. In addition, the running shoes boast cutting-edge technology from ASICS. The GEL system, for example, is a cushioning system that provides superior shock absorption, higher durability and traction rates. In addition, the shoes are breathable and boast a “redesigned midsole for added comfort.”

The fusion of the creative visions of ASICS and Harmony Paris has been in the works for over a year.

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