Bitcoin is now below my first bitcoin purchase price. I made $230,000 and then lost $240,000 since August 2017. : CryptoCurrency

HODL can be good in a sense with some, but you should always take profits. Markets can’t go up forever, and doubling up your base position while still having gains is nice (selling high). I think hodling like 30-40% isn’t a bad idea though. Sell maybe 50% at 2-2.5x entry, then attempt to call the top with another 10-20% of your entry. Sit on remaining. Wait for the cycle to repeat as you enter again with some of your top call gains, most likely doubling up your original position after netting some win.

Edit: assuming you believe in bitcoin and never fear sell. I don’t agree with stop losses if you believe in bitcoin in the long run, as your goal should be increase your satoshi position, with a little fiat on the side while it’s still a thing.

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