A Supply Chain project that drives adoption


“We haven’t been sitting still on business development either. Over the last month, we’ve welcomed three EnterpriseNodes onto our Techrock blockchain, gained vital acknowledgment, forged strong collaborative ties, seen interest from several media outlets, and set the foundation for explosive points of sale expansion.
Consumer marketing campaign kicks off soon.

The completion of the app update will signal the beginning of a new phase for Techrock and Tael: a major focus on consumer marketing. We will be able to utilize our rebranding to push awareness far beyond what we’ve already been able to achieve with our focus on business development in 2018.

Due to the relationship between Tael and Techrock, we’re able to highlight our unique position to attain a rate of adoption and usage not seen before in crypto.

Purchases and natural actions, such as verifying the authenticity of the product, utilizing discount promotions in the Techrock eco-system, and using Tael for purchases at any store, seamlessly convert the consumer into an automatic Tael user. This is how Tael has the ability to, in time, become one of the most adopted crypto tokens. This rebranding is a small but crucial step to reach that point.

Throughout the coming year, both will focus around scaling and pushing out of its product.
Early 2019 is where we aim to truly get noticed in both our target markets and by the media in general. Increased sales, increased adoption, and increased visibility will be our focus going forward.”

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